LoveBug Florist is a leading supplier of exotic fresh flowers in Nigeria. They are a specialist florist company providing wholesale, retail, bespoke floral arrangement and space management services out of Port Harcourt. Their flowers are carefully picked to meet the highest standards in the industry.

This floral design cottage business was started by Mrs Bukky Yusuff and it has grown purely via social media platforms to a followership of almost 10,000 .

Mrs Bukky Yusuff 
Fresh flowers make wonderful gift options for the following:
- Weddings and bridal bouquets
- Marriage proposals
- Affirmation - Friendship, love, trust, loyalty
- Birthdays
- Burials & Mausoleums
- Births & delivery
- Empathy in times of sickness
- Courtesy gifts
- etc

LoveBug Florist specializes in providing freshly-cut exotic and luxury flowers for their patrons. In the last 12 months, they have grown to be a market leader across Nigeria in this space.

Theirbrand is first choice for:
- Wedding decor and Bridal bouquets
- Corporate events decor
- Social events and decor settings
- Themed marriage proposals
- Funerals and graveside/mausoleum decor
- Personal space (home and office) decor and management

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  1. The blend of pastel pinks and greens joined with rich maroons and purples creates the ideal fall shading palette for the Thanksgiving table. Lush dahlias are organized alongside fragile spray roses and tuberoses, and highlighted by star-shaped sea hollies, dried decorative grasses and Queen Anne's trim flower The mix of dried and fresh floral make a centerpiece that combines the new with the old.