A woman known as Patience has accused her husband, Pastor Uchenna Joseph, of plans to sacrifice her for ritual purposes. She said Joseph was instrumental to the torture she received from a five-man team who after gang-raping her, also attempted to kill her for ritual purposes.

Patience, who hails from Ebonyi State just like her husband, said: 

‘’I was a petty trader in Ikorodu town before my marriage. In the course of our relationship, I expended all my earnings but this was not in vain as I gave birth to a boy in February 2016.
Three months after, my husband suggested we should visit his friend in Port Harcourt to raise fund for my business. During our stay, I became a prophetess and also assisted in evangelism.
But on one fateful day, my husband conspired with his friends to sacrifice me for ritual purposes and my refusal earned me incarceration as they tortured and gang-raped me.
This took place for a number of days until I reached my sister through a text message and she came to my rescue. They separated me from my son and were about tying me to the ceiling fan when my sister arrived the one-room church.” .
But in a chat with Vanguard, Joseph alleged that his wife was both psychologically and emotionally imbalance during their stay in Port Harcourt.
He said,
‘’She was spiritually attacked and she started exhibiting strange behaviour.
But my mistake was that I did not inform her parents believing it was a minor issue until she became violent and we had to seek spiritual help by inviting some pastors to conduct deliverance for her. She however sent a message to her elder sister and I was misunderstood.
The scars on her body were as a result of the violent situation she found herself. Her family was just being harsh on me for failure to complete the dowry because out of N100,000, I only paid N40,000." 
Patience has been returned to Ilisan Remo for medical attention and the case has been reported at Ilisan Remo Police Division for investigations.

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