I miss the Old ONELGA!
Most people don't know this;
I was born and bred in Omoku, ONELGA.
A very peaceful and love filled town.
It was a small town then and everything felt so right. As a child, it was a safe haven.

My childhood days were wonderful, always at the Igwe's playing with Justina or visiting the Obile's to have a feel of their large screen coloured TV because their houses also felt like home.

Strolling from my street then by Palace road to my church on church road (St Michaels Anglican Church) with my Sister Sira and the only thing we were worried about was looking left, right and left again before crossing Ahoada road.

Coming back from church at night with our fleet of friends that lived on or off palace road, always branching Obi's store to buy candies and the popular bakery for a taste of hot bread.

The highest level of violence I knew was "bad boys fighting and breaking each other 's heads"; and the greatest theft was that of slippers at your backyard.

I remember always playing outside my beautifully flower-fenced home and greeting everyone passing by and they'll always reply "susu how are you?"

Visiting Charles Osi, Phoebe Okoro, Bright Nnadi, Becky Omasi Golden, Miriam Wochi, Chioma Nee Obi, Ogboka Obile, Ufuoma Ajuebon, Precious Soufe , Nwaogwu Queen but to mention a few and we would walk each other home a million times.

I remember when myself and phoebe with several of our school mates from Demonstration Secondary School, F.C.E (T) would squander our transport fare only to trek back home with a sachet of water on each of us for refreshment. We even formed a National Trekkers Association (NTA) Lol

Those were good memories that I'll never forget.

Oh how I miss Omoku, the town that has 24 hrs free power supply with affordable cost of living. I miss coming back to my house as an adult and visiting perle lounge to catch up with all my old friends.
I could go on and on.

With tears in my eyes, I'm begging for #PEACEINONELGA. I just want to come back home.
I want to use my position as a blogger and social entrepreneur to beg all everyone to please stop the violence, killing and kidnapping and please give peace a chance.
Several occupants and indigenes have become IDPs, squatting in different places that they never imagined. Several people have died and that breaks my heart.
We don't have to kill ourselves, allowing outsiders take over our Richland ONELGA.

We should be our brother's keeper and forgive ourselves.

Let's repair the damage and bring back PEACE IN ONELGA.

On this note, I am launching the #PEACEIN ONELGA campaign under THE ELCUTIEE PROJECT.

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Barisuka Nkem Lewis
For: The Elcutiee Project