This is a topic that has been causing a lot of controversies for a while and we have trash if here and now.

The lasted "Tattoo does not symbolize cultism" speech we got was from Melody Amos, and he said:
We really do appreciate Gov. Wike for his intervention on Omoku crisis. The town is getting better by the day and gradually things will be normal.
Also the security men have been of great assistance to us in making sure that evil is wiped out. I thank them very much for their relentless efforts in this peace keeping mission.

I still want to bring to the knowledge of the Govt. that these same security agencies are bent on making money out if this crisis from innocent youths.
Tattoo has never been a crime in Nigeria and such is applicable to Omoku. Tattoo does not symbolize Cultism, nor Kidnapping rather Tatoo is an expression of how and what u feel.
I'm begging that the govt should intervene on this issue of innocent youths removing cloths on the streets, it is so embrassing and as such attention should be given. Our youths are now victimised and intimidated by the govt security agencies that are supposed to provide security.
We now run from govt security agencies instead of embracing them.
Something has to be done to save our innocent youths from spending unnecessary money in this time of economic recession.

People Of Rivers State, Please Leave Your Comments below as this is a very crucial discussion. Let's Trash it once and for all.

Thank You

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  1. I still stand on the ground on what I posted earlier that tattoo is just an art of expression, thereby one wishes to display such art willingly on his or her body.
    Stop and searching of lodge's are well welcome but not the body becuae it belongs to me and me alone. Let it be within God Almighty to judge the issue of tattoo on the body. I'm very pleased this little pieces of information went far.
    Kudos to port Harcourt