Port Harcourt Man Donates Sanitary Pads to Secondary Girls

So a Port Harcourt based man has successfully donated several sanitary Pads to Secondary school girls.

Here's what he has to say 
Lol...so somebody decided to ask me Vicky, that FREE Pad you say you dash to Government secondary School girls, is somebody not sponsoring you?

Well, everybody must not sponsor you before you start doing something to help your society. The parents of the girls I give these Sanitary pads are back in their villages looking for food to eat, clothes to wear and probably a better place to stay while the Aunties and Uncle's that brought them to Town did so just to answer "Good Aunty/Uncle in the sight of their parents and maybe some friends that have little or no idea of what is happening.
 They brought these girls not actually to help them but for the girls to help them. 

They send their own biological children to Private schools and send the girl they took from the village to Government schools. School na school as some will say but the idea of sending them to Government schools when they can afford to give them quality education with their children is what I don't get! 

When these girls get to their Menstrual age, the Aunties and Uncles look the other way, they pretend not to know that these girls need these pads every month. Since it's not their biological daughter, so why put an interest in knowing if they have started experiencing these menstrual issues. (that's what some will say).

Most poor parents that struggle to send their girl child to school also have this challenge of helping to buy these girls the sanitary pads they need...they can't afford to buy N450 for Always or N350 for LadyCare..and this need come when most of these parents are looking for N500 to buy Rice for the entire family to eat for the day!

To Answer her Question...

My dear, I buy them with my Money, if I'm out of cash, I have my brothers wives, I know how to razzle them to buy them for me, no Politician sponsors it! If you love what I do, dash me Pads, not money because I like working for what I get or receive! 

So now you know? God bless those ladies that treat girls that live with them like their own daughter! I respect and love you.

God bless you Vicky