The 8th Assembly, Rivers State House of Assembly has Collapsed Under Gov. Wike

The Speaker of Rivers State House of Assembly, Rt. Hon. Igbani Owaji, has made it public that the government of Rivers State led by his friend, Chief Barr. E N Wike has not released any money for capital expenditure... And we asked, if the Governor has not released any money for capital expenditure according to Mr. Speaker, then how come only PDP Members in RSHA are driving Big Cars? The Rt. Hon. Speaker told us boldly that, the Big cars were given to them as a gift from their friend who is the current Governor of Rivers State.

Fine and Ok, that means  "Mr. Speaker, Deputy Speaker, House Leader and Principal Officers of the 8th Assembly under Chief Barr. E N Wike, up till now does not have official vehicle?"

Well, I am not perplexed because as we speak,
- The Clerk of Rivers State House of Assembly does not have official vehicle
- The Deputy Clerk does not have official Car
- All the Heads of Department (HOD) in RSHA does not have Official Cars
- The Assembly Complex Lacks internet facility
- The Assembly Library has been Closed down
- The intercom connected during Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi AMAECHI days, has been disconnected and shut down
- The only official canteen in the RSHA, has become a no go area, rats and cockroaches have taken over the space since the present administration shut it down
- RSHA Health Centre has also been locked, and the key missing.

Gov. Wike, Mr. Speaker and the Principal Officers of RSHA have Ab initio decided to divert all funds made available to run the assembly, to their private pockets and friends.

I challenge members of the Public, NGOs, Bishops, Heads of Churches, Rivers People and Assembly Staffs, to verify and challenge us on any Public platform if we are lying... You, Men of the fourth realm, go and verify and call us to order if we have misinformed the public!. 

Very reliable and verifiable information on our desk, has it that, Gov. Wike and his team have concluded plans to invade the assembly in other to forcefully present 2018 budget... I therefore call on members of RSHA and staffs that still have conscience, not to allow Gov. Wike and his team rape Rivers People the second time, until he makes available and visible the _unavailable and invisible_ 2017 Rivers State budget.

Let Gov. Wike Provide for Honourable Members and staffs the required facilities that will enable them do their job beyond political party lines. 

Members of RSHA should know that, we are Rivers People and we must join hands to Support, Advice, Correct and Criticize the government of the day where necessary, for the development of our dear Rivers State.

_Warrant Comrade,_ Mfata Mfata