I was dumbstruck as I heard this story, I knew I had to share as statistics show 53.2% of persons are stuck in jobs that are demoralizing. 

I was at the ministry of commerce and was blantly told work doesn't begin until 10am, to rant or not to rant, the Jesus spirit in me won so I swallowed my saliva and sat to wait. Interim, I struck a conversation with a lady. 

Somehow, our conversation shifted to quality of service and condition of work and I almost shed tears. 

With a degree and a further PGd, she is a Statistics/Data Analyst and has worked with the said corporation for 3 years with a not-so-bad salary and added bonuses. She drives a good car, not man-bought but hardwork+savings bought, so she's living the good life yeah until I heard how she washes food flasks, does school runs, assist in the children's homework, run foodstuff errands. 

Ok, hold on. These things are not so unnatural to do for an employer you love and who is adding value to you but to hear that the said employer constantly and purposefully demeans your existence is a whole other world of corporate manipulation. 

This sort of manipulation is the sly of all manipulations. The constant subjection to ridicule slowly ebbs at your confidence and self worth. Every of your work is debased and second guessed. Your opinions are muffled but later picked, coated and passed off as theirs.
The end result? 

You become grateful for peanuts. The zeal to strife for ambition has been stifled so you talk yourself into being grateful for the little you have, moreover, many of your mates are unemployed and do not have half of what you have. You console yourself with little blessings, a car, a landlord who isn't your enemy because you pay your rent on time, the gift of waking up and going to 'work'. 

Nonsense And ingredients.

I looked at her and said. " QUIT" 

She stopped sniffing and looked at me like I was mad. 

Baby Girl, write an unapologetic, rile-in-the-ass letter of termination, after being carefully calculated of course. 

For every lead you generated, every tangible effort you put in, do not be afraid to make it yours. This is where many employers will look at me with half shaded eyes but it is what it is. 

I looked at her again and said, the work that you do is vital to this organisation and your employer knows that but somewhere in her confused mind she believes cornering you will keep you in her corner and you are letting it happen and this is where you need Employee's INSURANCE. Be it a multinational or a roadside corporation. 
Take charge of your life, begin by quitting. You cannot expect anything to be different in 2018 if you are not willing to do anything different. 


Quit Dec 6, 2017 and set a timeline to get a Job soul gratifying job by February. 

February because you need time to build your professional portfolio and it doesn't happen overnight. In that time you should prepare demos, venture knob and client/company profiling. 

I could see the doubt and reluctance written all over her so I left my card and said, if you make up your mind, call me. 

Has she? No.
Will she? 60% sure she will not.

You know why? Moving from the familiar to the un-familiar is never an easy thing but I need anyone reading this to know this...

You are made for more and the mortality rate of the average Nigerian is damn too short to live an unpleasant life. 

You are a carrier of efficiency and this efficiency and productivity should be respected by those you offer it to. Your organization should be afraid of losing you and treat you so good that the competition will stove to double beat their offer. 
This methodology has worked for me and I have experienced immense growth in just one year. 

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Sira Tee Ngbor