Popular Port Harcourt Doctor Bernadine Shares Her Suicide-Fail Story

In the New Year Celebration Spirit, popular Port Harcourt Doctor and entrepreneur Bernadine has shared her suicide-fail story.
She said: 

"If you have the time to read this please do😊
  • 2017 was quite the year for me started off really sweet and nice.... just the way my whole damn life has been SWEET & BEAUTIFUL! 
    After the first quarter things started to go south! God was kuku not answering 1 particular prayer point for the first time in my life (I have said this prayer for over 2years! Ps: Not husband 😂) it was so new and unacceptable I started to ask him questions. I'm like I work hard a lot I do things that most of my mates cannot do not to talk of my male counterpart, what is the challenge still no answer. On a bad day in June 2017 I told myself just leave this world!!! You are the only person carrying all the problem in that house and all you need God to do is answer this one so everyone will be alright but since he can't just TAKE YOUR LIFE it was so loud! the voice even said you are kuku a Doctor you know what to do 😊. It made sense I was just looking for shapes to either cut 1 of the major veins open and quietly bleed to death before everyone gets back home. It will be less painful too. 
    The smallest voice of them all just said Call your sister and I did immediately thankfully she took the call!! Hearing her voice alone CHANGED EVERYTHING immediately I hung up and started crying 😭 took a bath and left the house immediately!!! It could have been a different story if the network was crappy who knows?
    Weeks later God showed his face like he was about to attend that problem immediately just to increase my patience 😀. And all I learnt to say was Baba whenever you decide I'm here. IF YOU ARE NOT DONE WORKING THEN I'M NOT DONE WAITING 🙌🏽🙏🏽. From no where he brought an idea I was never interested in which is no other than my baby @thebodyshopphc ❤️. .
    I wrote this from a little corner in my father's house in Bodo city 🌃😜 with so much Joy in my heart that I'm closing the year with my loved ones what if I took my life what would have become of them?
    And my wonderful friends would have been screaming what happened to Dumbor? Even my enemies would have cried 😂. GOD IS INDESCRIBABLE 🙏🏽
    THANK YOU 🙌🏽🙌🏽 PLEASE SHARE YOUR TESTIMONY IN THE COMMENTS 😊 #2017testimony #suicide #suicideisreal#AndsoIsdepression"

Who would have imagined that a successful beautiful young woman will want to take her own life?
The truth is, "no one is above depression" but it is right that we know that we didn't give ourselves life so we don't have the right to take it.
If you feel depressed anytime talk to someone ; if you don't have someone to confide in, just call this suicide prevention number:  080921064694

Always remember "Suicide is not an option"