"Be Careful With Hon. Asita O. Asita" - Hon. Okpe Mbakpone

Former Caretaker Chairman of Tai L.G.A has responded to Hon. Asita O.Asita's comment and acts yesterday at Kpite, Tai L.G.A. Hon. Asita mentioned that no Ogoni Man can be governor.
He said 
Rivers State is a multi-ethnic State,Ogoni’s needs the support of Ikwerre,Okrika,Ekpeye,Ogba-Egbema and Engenni to be Governor,dont allow them deceive you that it is Ogoni People their Turn to be Governor,when it is Ogoni People their,we all will support you people” 
“When it’s Ogoni turn to produce the Governor of Rivers State, we’ll tell you and support you”

Speaking Further Asita called the Senator Representing Rivers South East in the National Senator Magnus Abe as a Hungry Man and asked the Ogoni not to take him Serious.
“Don’t let any hungry man who is going from place to place claiming its Ogoni turn to deceive you. When it’s your turn, we will all support you” he Maintained.
The Statement made by the APC Chieftain is already generating reaction mostly by supporters of Senator Magnus Abe who view it as a Direct attack on their Principal in their Land"

Hon Okpe Mbakpone in a Facebook post earlier today responded saying 

It is unfortunate that the hidden tricks and plan made against the Ogoni people by the free Rivers Movement FRM in Rivers State and its leadership was graciously let loose yesterday at Kpite Tai by Hon. Asita O Asita a former deputy Governorship candidate of APC. I want to further states that no matter how it is polished, apologized on his behalf by the leadership of FRM, their intent ,and ground plan had been made manifest. 

I feel sorry for all those Ogonis that are parading with them because they will regret at the end of the process thus, l call on all Ogoni sons and daughters working with the FRM to come back home. I assure you Asita and his group will pay dearly for this statement credited to the Ogonis and their leaders. Besides, Asita stood election as deputy Governor to Dakuku Adol Peterside in 2015 elections and he couldn’t vote no deliver his unit but he stood on the Sand of Ogoni, Kpite Tai wagging his mouth on people that had integrity, capacity and won all their elections, won all tribunals and serving their people. It is sadden that someone like Asita will be chosen to speak for APC under the leadership of CRA. We all know that Asita is not a good speaker even on the floor of the National Assembly when he was there, he didn’t say anything as member representing his people. What a shame, APC deputy Governorship candidate. As a sign, when they got to Kpite yesterday inspite of their rented crowd how many Tai people were there. Were the FRM able to line up the 10 man unit committee and inaugurate them as it is been done in other LGAs they have attended?. Don’t they see the reaction of the people at the Kpite town square against them yesterday. 

That was act 1 scene 1. More is coming ahead. Any new leader or leadership made by anybody in Tai order than the one led Rt Hon Barry Mpigi, Sen. Magnus Ngei Abe, Hon Matthew Dike will not stand no matter how he is packaged, he can’t deliver any elections including Student Union elections in Tai. While, we are waiting. At the appropriate time, we shall play the ball and Asita and his group will see how it will go because what Asita and his Leadership is doing is political theory that is done in the class room and not the practical one that we the Ogonis does. We adopted the Asita and his group phenomenon in 2015-2017 and it never worked. It suffices to state here that in 2015-2017, because we knew that the strategy will fail hence after every the Asita central planning theory in Glory Emeh’s house the Ogoni people used to go home and review the process and add the practical caveat which Asita and his team doesn’t know, that is why we score all candidates in. 

How l wish, Asita will meet me an Ogoni man to educate him on how to win elections. It is not Akara business nor standing on Podium in Kpite Tai to insult a group of people. No wahala. We will not take his apology but in due course he remember Saturday 27/1/18 in his political history. I also call Ogonis both at home and diaspora to be cautious be and careful with Asita O Asita and what is associated with him. 

27 January 2018

Hon Mbakpone Okpe Friday

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