My SiSi  home made Granola Is  just so perfect.
It's tasty and quite healthy. 

The main idea behind Mysisi Granola is to provide to the public a very healthy cereal recipe which is different from most cereal products in the market.

The main ingredient in Mysisi Granola is whole wheat. Unlike most products that wheat is used to produce all around the world like bread, biscuits, pasta etc. Mysisi Granola uses whole wheat grain. This means that unlike the 40% that is removed from wheat to get the flour that is used to bake bread and make cake and other assorted pastries,  thereby loosing almost half of its nutrients along the way, Mysisi Granola uses whole wheat without any refinement. Whole wheat is a good source of vitamin B and vitamin E. One of its major attributes is, it consists of lots of fibre which is good for bowel movement. Great for metabolism and also helps in health issues such as anemia, gallstones, breast cancer and also helps in the balancing of ur cholesterol levels which in turn protects the heart. 
The second ingredient is oat. 
The major benefits in oats asides it's many other nutritious benefits is it's low level in cholesterol. It's also high in fibre and a good source of carbs. 

The third major component is coconut.
In recent times it is called by some as a Miracle food. It's benefits are endless from the oil to the milk and flesh. They all have their various nutrients they give. In making Mysisi Granola we blend both the flesh and oil together to get all its nutrients as much as possible intact. 

Coconut is high in amino acids, helps protect the body from cancer due to insulin reduction,  supports the immune system and it's oils are known for reviving and enriching the skin. 

Mysisi Granola is also a cereal that has no preservatives or artificial content. Only flavour used is vanilla at a minimal standard. 

In summary Mysisi Granola is an unrefined cereal made from whole wheat flour, wheat flour, oats and coconut. It is high in fibre, low in cholesterol which makes it good for bowel movement and for the heart. It is also high in vitamin B and E and also amino acids. Freshly produced without any preservatives. 

Now you know you can have it all. 

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