Hon Asita has been receiving a lot of tongue lashing from the Ogonis after he Called them  Hungry, saying No one from Ogoni will be Governor and so on.

This time a Journalist,Ndume Green wrote

In 1914 Frederick Lugard  described the Ogoni as "primitive" when he received a telegram that the Ogoni people had fought against the imposition of colonial rule and then a native court on them months before. 

Years before then, a patrol led by one captain E.H Smith had been fought fiercely against at Botem and Gwara where members of Akpaka had mobilized against the British. They did not want British rule in Ogoni. 

In 2018, a prominent politician in Rivers State is describing the Ogoni as "hungry"; Same kind of word used by Lord Lugard in 1914.

Yet history has it that no Ogoni man was ever sold to slavery for money. It is even a taboo to be hungry in Ogoni as land is a key part of the people's heritage, primarily kept for farming, the main reason why AkpoBari Celestine fought Amaechi's banana plantation. There is no single beggar in the whole of Ogoni, not even the strangers amongst us are allowed to beg.

How is it that a politician of his weight does not even know anything about history?

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