Popular Port Harcourt Nurse and Gospel Artist escaped death last night after he was deeply injured on his throat by a sharp bottle piece.

This is his Testimony,

I never thought I will be writing such at this time of the year. But, it's better to be alive and share your testimony than to be dead or disabled.
It was a busy day for me as usual. Decided not to travel for some reasons. But I found time to go to church; not as a ceremony of crossover or the usual thing, but to thank God for myself and my family. Yes. The testimonies ranged from the little things and climaxing with my kid sis getting married. Well, a lot mor
e than I could remember....😭😭 The hand of God was with me.
Well, on this day the 31st, I listened to the pastor, got the word, celebrated into 1st of 2018, called Christian Mfon (the only person I called actually) and headed off. Just as I was in a taxi, I got a splash of bottles from knockouts and booom by neck was torn... I was bleeding all over 😭😭😭😨😵. I felt the pain right in my spine as if I was being grinded. I remained calm as a nurse, told the driver to stop, he did. I stepped out, pulled my shirt and tied my neck by myself and quickly told my friends what to do 😢😢😧. I thought I will become unconscious. But thank God.
I was rushed to the hospital and the nurses affirmed that it was really a deep cut (on my neck ooh). But what if it was my eye? Or my skull torn open?
Well, to cut all this short...
I'm Here...
I'm grateful..
#MyNewYearStory 😭😭


God Is God!