Omoku: Pastor Bright Abali Spotted in a Happy Photo with Militants

A we'll known Pastor in omoku known as Pastor Bright Abali was recently called out by a citizen of Omoku for being friends with a Millitant group. The photo surfaced online with the write up

This is the man that acclaimed himself a pastor, bright Abali, the handler of Ali ogba li'po faceless facebook account that posts nothing good than casting aspersions and defaming individuals and pdp party members.
He was spotted with this dreaded killers, standing very close with the late Don wanny with smile as he was the so-called pastor that concreted Don wanny's crown,I have this to ask.
What's his connection with them?
Was he preaching to them?
Let me stop here, and ask another kind of question.
Ugorji obieti, ogba chukwugozerie and co, haven't you people seen this picture before?
I still stand with my hashtag. #OMOKU FIRST.