Port Harcourt Blog has noticed that most bars and clubs in the city do not let single girls unaccompanied by a male partner into the club and we think that is very wrong even if this has become a norm in the popular club "orange room"

Here's what the most recent complaint said
Orange room is not for girls in this town, I may not be a very popular face but at least I have some good money and trust me I am never spending a dime in that pub and I'll make my friends stay away too"
I actually went out with some friends last night and they were quite reluctant going to orange room but I persuaded them to go with me. On getting to the location the guys were a bit slow to go into the club but I was so hyperactive and was so in the mood for the grove so I went in front with my female friend and when we got to the door the bouncer said "no you can't go in"
That was my first time of being bounced in a club, I insisted to know why because I was properly dressed and I'm a pretty girl too ; "is the club full"? I asked and he said "no you just can't go in"
Then one of my male friends told him" I'm with her" and he said " Oh Okay, you can go in"
What nonsense, I walked out in anger and that's going to be my last time in orange room.

Anyway, that was a very bad experience and we think they need to improve on their customer service.
Very reach people aren't loud, take it from us; you never know your next business Saviour.