#TheTop10ListPHC : Top Ten Bachelors in Port Harcourt

Please find below the Top 10 Bachelors in Port Harcourt that we can’t wait to get off the market.

10.   Kelvin Ossai
Our favourite Nurse is still single and we are wondering why? This fulltime nurse and part time music artist is just so cute and calm that we really do need a lady blessed with a good body, sense of humour and a bit of hyperactivity to come shake him up and marry him. Sister, you must be God fearing and have a good job too.

9.       Elloy Johnny 
This fine Gentleman always gets the girls drooling over his looks and fainting over his voice. We mean it. Elloy is one of Port Harcourt’s favourite radio presenters and girls fall in love with him for several reasons.  We want him to get off this list ASAP so that other guys can have the extra girls. So if you are a Pretty with a great body and diction, this right here might be your man. You have to have a real job too sister.

 8.       Alphonsus (A4ons)
Alphonsus is one calm headed business man that believes in letting his works do the talking. Quite a principled gentleman too. We’ve spotted him severally at weddings being a supportive friend to the couples and we just can’t wait for him to leave the bachelor’s league too. Please we are asking a pretty calm hardworking lady to come get this man off our list.

 7.       MC AB( Abraham)
This is a gentleman we are proud of. He has been in the entertainment for a while. From 084 TV to the world. MC AB is a go-getter that just doesn’t stop. For this same reason, we are recommending another go-getting, hot bodied adventurous lady. 

 6.       Canon
This Environment saving hero is Just so Amazing After winning Gulder Ultimate Search Viewers Choice, he went ahead to help preserve our beautiful planet earth by planting so many beautiful trees in Port Harcourt, Yenagoa etc. Canon is a go getter and we love him for that. So if you are a supportive goal-driven lady with a good body, please apply within. Remember, you must be a “natural”

        5. Dj Joenel
We all love Celebrity DJ Joenel, the man with the Magic fingers on the wheels of steel; the coolest parties in Port Harcourt aren’t cool without DJ Joenel. This is why we want only cool ladies with great bodies and sense of style to apply for the position of “Lady Joenel”. Remember you must have a good source of income/career. We don’t need a lazy ladies around him too.

4.       Nsikak (Seeker)
This Nightlife mayor has been calmly working hard and we are certain that he is about to take over our movie screens. So if you’ve always wanted to be a celebrity wife, here’s your opportunity. Another good part is that he has the coolest friends so you’ll do just fine. Anyway, if you want Nsikak, you have to be a go-getter, be pretty, original with great deal of patience and composure. 

3.       Azunda Nmerukini
He is the definition of “Young, smart and getting it”
This young businessman never stops thinking and brewing business ideas which he always puts into action. We are recommending a sharp business oriented homely and calm lady with great panache. If you don’t fall into this category, please stay away.

  1. Great Ejekwu
We love to call him the Mayor of Port Harcourt Entertainment. Sometimes we wonder how a Smart, Successful and Cute gentleman still remains humble. If you are a homely, pretty and supportive lady who sets and achieve goals with of course a reasonable career, come grab this Hottie  ASAP

 1.       The Great Salami (Eti)
This King of the South Nightlife is so charming and smart that everyone wants to identify with him. We love the way he came into the game and made Port Harcourt night life cooler. So unless you are an intelligent beauty with great body, sense of style, great career and classy friends; please stay away from him, we don’t want anyone ruining his cool photos or slowing down his career.

We want to beg the above listed men to please get married in 2018, we don’t want to have you on our 2019 list. 

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