According to a Facebook user

An 11yr old girl was raped a month ago by a serial rapist in yenagoa  Bayelsa state, the victim in question was too scared to speak up until one month later. 

Her guardian who happens to be her sister dragged the child to her school and ordered the ignorant school. 

Yes I spoke with her on the phone this evening. I asked her, why would you ask a school to mete out punishment on a child who has been raped ? 

She told me in clear terms " I asked the school to torture her because she is partly to blame".

The school did her bidding and inflicted bodily harm on an 11yr old rape victim. 

How base can anyone get? 

This is what you get in a backward society like ours.

At the moment the school in question is threatening the good Samaritan who dared to take pity on the girl and report the serial rapist to the police. 

They have asked DSS, Army and a body of ignorant lawyers to call and threaten this good Samaritan for character assassination. 

This man hasn't even mentioned the school but they are panicking and trying to cover their tracks well. 

This is one case that will not be shoved under the rug. 

We will prosecute and we will demand for justice. 

Justice must be served in this matter.