Human and environmental rights activist, Comrade AkpoBari Celestine, has called for caution on the path of some youths whose recent political activities and comments seem capable of undermining the age-long bond between the Ikwerre and Ogoni, the two leading ethnic groups in Rivers State.

AkpoBari, who spoke to The Neighbourhood on Friday night, expressed worry over certain recent comments and actions, especially on the social media, by some youths which tend to cause a strain on the relationship which he noted, had been in existence long before this generation. “I call for caution as not to jeopardize this age-long relationship between the Ogoni and Ikwerre. This bond precedes the current generation and so, should not be destroyed on the altar of politics”, AkpoBari who confirmed that the All Progressives Congress, APC, rally scheduled to hold in Bori, headquarters of Khana local government, was going ahead against certain reports by some Ogoni youths the council Chairman had cancelled it citing “security reasons”, said.

AkpoBari, a chieftain of APC, and the elected Chairman of Khana council, warned against any speech or action that could push the good relationship further into stress. “They should remember that some Ogoni people are holding a Thanksgiving in Port Harcourt tomorrow (Saturday) and Port Harcourt is Ikwerre land. So, Ikwerre people have same right to hold or attend rally on Ogoni soil”, the activist argued. “Nothing should jeopardise this great relationship between our people and the Ikwerre people. We have been, and should remain the good brothers and neighbours that we have been over the years.”

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