ALLOW ME PREACH.. written by Sira-Ngbor

The church has been far too docile in the active participation of saving our boys. 

How you'd ask? (for those who ask why and do not brand me anti-christ) 

Doctrines and teachings were meant for the edification of man, as man evolves, these teachings must adjust else they become irrelevant which is why it beats me that the church has refused to teach about SEX, DRUGS, GANG RAPE, FRATERNITY, HOOD CLIQUES, PREGNANCY, STI, STDs  & what not. 
If our church leaders do not address these in the pursuit of catching them young, then all we'll be having are church boys who attend rehearsals, are prompt in church activities, play the drum excellently, sing to the high heavens and still have SEX like it is going out of extinction, still drawn to the highlife of nightlife, drugs and a little bit of ecstacy. 

We teach them things of the spirt and neglect the bodily presence here on earth. 

"When we become born again, our body becomes dead to sin"

          FAT LIE !!!

The struggle becomes real, I can tell you that authoritatively. You become aware of the fight to overcome the flesh and that is why apostle Paul emphasized on "deeply" edifying one another. 

" I know you are young and the flesh is weak but just read your bible daily and immerse yourself in church activities " 

How Does That Address Sexual Attraction, Erections and Blood Jives which by the way are purely biological so it is not eternal damnation that you find that sister who dresses well, with skirts showing off her heaven endowed assests, attractive.

When you happen to confide in an elder on your struggles, the answer forever remains..


Have you ever heard 3 words more useless, I mean non-applicable in an instance? 

It is well .. kills me all the time.

You see that Sunday School Manual that teaches SEX and the implication of Hell fire for anyone who as much as thinks it ... DITCH IT. 

Deal with your young worshippers on a humane and personal level, not everyone is a textbook character, I know I am not and not until 2002 Uncle Bode of RCCG, Redemption Hall Parish, Warri Delta State, sat me down and taught the mysteries of life, the benefits of self preservation, introduced me to alternatives and how I could use my daily happenings to improve my intellect, which by the way was less than average at the time...

I would have still been a member of the It-Is-Well-Even-In-The-Well Bandwagon.