Dear Jobless Nigerian Youth,

I know how devastating it can be to come out of school, serve the country and not get a job after that.

How annoying it is that almost every firm wants to hire an experienced person, and you keep wondering how they expect you to be experienced when they won't even give you a try.

I know how depressing it gets being the only one left at home while people hurry to work very early in the morning and return late at night, it even gets worse when you call your friends and they respond with " I'm busy at work"

The sentence "Go and get a job" slams you in the face every moment as your parents and family get irritated by your regular presence at home.

Too much "so what are you doing now?" questions dry up the social part of you and the once Happy-outgoing sharp guy/girl becomes anti-social out of intimidation.

Slowly you become a bit of a "bad girl/boy" as the society sees it.

The pills, the sex and drinks become your escape route  from depression, life feels so horrible when you can't even afford the simple things of life and you get fed up and ...............wait! hold on! I hope you are not thinking of suicide, chill bit! don't tell me you want to make selling your body for money a full time job, don't even tell me you are thinking of planning that hit; common, you can prove the haters wrong.

Have you tried doing what you want, with what you have, where you are?

Have you figured out that skill you have?

Have you thought about breaking bounds with your God given talent?

Dare to be different, most billionaires didn't even complete their education,

Most superstars don't care about employers,

Know your worth, reach out for your inner strength,

Love and train yourself, success loves preparation,

You are a star, and you'll shine in due course...remember persistence is key.

You are not Jobless, just unemployed and you can be self employed if you like.

See you at the top.

Suka Lewis

(A Once Jobless Youth)