We couldn’t help but share this wonderful hope-giving testimony by one of our favorite readers who is a GIT obstruction survivor, she has reminded us once more to believe in miracles once more. 

Read her testimony below

While I was stuck in the hospital ealier this month; DIAGNOSED with INTESTINAL OBSTRUCTION and I was scheduled for a surgery, but inbetween they were trying a conservative method...so I was off food totally for 6days I remembered this nursery rhyme 🎶Some have food but cannot eat, some can eat but have no food,we have food ans we can eat, glory be to thee oh lord.....Amen!🎶 By the way it's Testimony time: 

I didn't carry my #5nog #5nightsofglory #salvationministries mantle cause I was rushed out of the house to the hospital by my friend Ejiro on Tuesday 6/02. The surgery was scheduled for Friday if  I didn't have BOWEL MOVEMENT, Thursday I called Suka Lewis to bring hers.

Thursday night I slept with the mantle on my belly and prayed and cried all night for a miracle. 4am Friday morning.....Heavens opened up and God did it!

Glory to Jesus!!! Surgery was postpone and eventually cancelled and I was discharged Tues 13/02 on a strictly no carb diet for the next 1month but this amazing new cafe in Portharcourt Abacha rd woodhouse_cafe wldnt let mi obey 🙈🙈🙈 Bite me!!😋😋 God healed me not the doctors so my body is totally whole. 

PS: Yesterday was a one-off ooo.

God is saying to someone through my testimony today that "That pain will stop,The tears will stop,The door will open,A season of miracles and blessings are on the horizon. DONT GIVE UP"

God Bless you.”

We are so happy for Damilola.

Happy Birthday Damilola, may God continue to keep you.