Following fracases going on in the Rivers Arm of the All Progressive Party, a strong member Kennedy Friday has taken his time to beg his Co-Party members to stop fighting and become one. In a Facebook post, he said 

"Who are these people still hauling abuses back and forth over who should represent Ikwerre/Emohua Federal Constituency in 2019 and why?😜

The constituency, I understand, is very well represented by Hon Elder Chidi Wihioka. The position is not vacant. And even though people may have one ambition or the other as Ezemonye is said to have, should the whole thing degenerate into the kind of gutterism I have observed of late?😢

We need peace in Rivers APC and those of us who have committed to peace will make every sacrifice we can to have the much desired peace.🙏🏼

Let me therefore on that note  appeal to the warring groups; Oby Ndukwe Vs INCRA elements to please sheath their swords. The toxic exchanges between Chief Oby and the Ezems group is cutting the delicate  underbelly of our peace architecture and we don’t want it.🙌🏻

Please my people, melembe melembe! Peace is priceless. Terror is senseless!🙏

Let’s start building the party in the proper way!❤️

I have elected to mediate in this impasse and I should be given a chance. Peace is all we need!

Kennedy Friday 

The Peace Advocate.😎"

It's obvious that they are beginning to realize that the party will not survive in division.