The Rivers State Police Command has released the step mother and step sister of Chiburoma Boms, a 19-year-old girl who was found in a Septic Tank in January at Elekahia, Port Harcourt.The duo were arrested by the police alongside the father of Chiburoma Boms, after investigations revealed that the family were connected to the crime.


In a report by Nigeria Info FM, the Public Relations Officer of the Command, Nnamdi Omoni, said the step mother and sister were released from the police custody, after an autopsy which the police says was carried out by an independent pathologist, revealed the teenager died of tuberculosis. DSP Omoni said an autopsy was the only way the police could establish a murder case, but that the report says, the teenager died after suffering from tuberculosis. He said their investigations show that family threw Chiburoma into the septic tank after they realized she was dead.

“What can establish a case of murder is the autopsy report, and that was carried out by an independent pathologist. The report is that there was no act that led to her death apart from the sickness (Tuberculosis). When they discovered (that she was dead), the father who is still with us decided to put her in that septic tank. From the investigations carried out, there is no act of murder. At best, what they can charge the father is the disrespect for the corpse.”

In January, Chiburoma’s body was recovered from a septic tank after the police heeded to a tip by a neighbour, who said she saw some unidentified people forcing the body of a girl into a septic tank. The police made some arrests, and revealed that preliminary investigations showed the teenager’s relatives were involved in the crime.

Last month, the command said the family had confessed to the crime, but investigations were still ongoing. The recent twist in the case shows that the police may not have enough evidence to prosecute for murder.

Credit: Touch PH

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