Looks like not everyone is happy with Gov. Wike’s performance.
A Rivers State citizen Ikenda Clinton has stated that he isn’t impressed with Gov. Wike’s performance so far.
He even said The Governor has failed in the handling of several projects.

Read letter below.
His "Excellency",
Gov.Nyesom Ezenwo Wike,
Government House Complex,Port Harcourt,Rivers State.
1st March,2018.

"You know the Environmental Sanitation have failed us,they have failed and I publicly admit that"

I listened to you speak on Nigerian Info 92.3FM Port Harcourt and heard you make the above remarks on the Felix Obuah-led Rivers State Waste Management.

I commend you for the courage to finally acknowledge, for the first time that some criticisms against your government is genuine and factual.

However Sir, the present RIWAMA Management was put in place by you,permit however that we return to this issue later.

Mr.Governor, RIWAMA is not the only agency that has failed under your watch.
Due Process Unit, the unit responsible for ensuring transparency in Public Procurement was deliberately structured to fail and it expectedly failed.

The Rivers State Sustainable Dev.Agency (RSSDA), the agency responsible for the training of present and future manpower needs of the State is another agency that has failed under you.
More so Sir, the Rivers State Scholarship Board is another important agency that has completely failed since your assumption of office.
Sir, I am rather befuddled that you are only getting to know what every resident of the State already knows.

It is even more surprising that you do not know that everyday, an Agency fails under your very eyes.Could it be that you are naturally wired to destroy?

Mr.Governor, if Rivers people do not get transparency in Public Procurement, i.e, they do not how you spend our collective  Commonwealth.
A situation where nobody in the State knows how projects are awarded and how much each costs is a clear indication that truly, you run a fraudulent Government.

A situation where the badly needed manpower to run the Oil and Gas industry and indeed other sectors in the emerging Nigerian economy is deliberately undermined is a clear indication that you plan to shut out the people of the state from the emerging future of this great country.

Even more unfortunate is the fact that as Governor and Chief Policy maker of the state,Education has no space in your agenda.The reality that yours is the only government that has refused to provide Scholarships for Rivers youths since its creation in 1967, despite receiving billions of naira speaks volume of how less you care about our young people.

Sir, it is not enough to say that agencies constituted by you and whose continue stay in office are sanctioned by you have failed.
The questions Rivers people are asking is whether you did not do a due diligence check prior appointment, and now haven discovered their incapacity, why you have refused to take action.

If everything is failing under you, pray, on what grounds where you given heaps of awards, isn't it funny that you go to Ambode's Lagos to buy up awards simply by building Motor Parks and Markets?

I am therefore constrained to believe that you are only grandstanding and engaging in buck passing.
Nobody is fooled by your game.You are the Governor of the state and must accept the failure so pronounced by you.

Finally Sir,note that it not only Felix Obuah that has failed, yourself Nyesom Wike has failed as a Governor and your Government has failed as a Governnment. The only honorable thing to do now is to tender your resignation and go home with pride.

Thank you Sir.

Citizen Ikenda Clinton Elechi 
Port Harcourt, Rivers State.