VIEWPOINT : Barr Osi Olisa’s Antidote To ONELGA Torment

He epitomizes excellence in stewardship, with a peculiar twist of
efficacy. Perhaps, that stood him out as a choice to oversee troubled
Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni LGA when it became necessary to seek out a
disciplined, selfless, and people oriented leader to show a new
direction to the people.

And so from antecedents, Rivers State Governor,  Barr Ezenwo Nyesom
Wike appointed Barr Osi Olisa as Caretaker
committee  chairman to pilot the affairs of a local government with large deposits of oil and gas.

Before his appointment,  the crime wave in the area was alarming. This
was a local government once described by former Governor Chibuike
Amaechi as the "hot bed of crime" in Rivers State.

Though,  his predecessor,  Prince Isaac Umejuru, did all he could in
fighting the crime wave, but it remained unabated. Today, however, the
story is different with the establishment of OSPAC, a brainchild of
his security ingenuity. With OSPAC, his administration has fought
crime and criminality in the area practically to a standstill.

The story is incomplete without mentioning one illustrious son of Ogbaland who has committed so much zeal, time and
resources to ridding ONELGA of this canker which has pushed the people
of the area into economic misery. And with the appointment of Dr
Maxwell Ahiakwo, an Associate Professor, with other volunteers to
carry out the function of ridding ONELGA of crime, the stage was set
for a new dawn of peace in ONELGA. This is what prevails today!

Dr Ahiakwo abandoned his comfort zone and took head-on the
responsibility to save his fatherland by taking the fight to criminals
and cultists who believed in the power of their charms and the
dastardly supremacy of the gun against the unarmed civil populace.

Even after receiving amnesty from the Rivers State government to live
a crime free life, the notoriety of criminal groups in the area
remained exceptional. They unleashed mayhem on the innocent. They
kidnapped. They beheaded. They raped and robbed. But as OSPAC
gradually gained ground, the story today is one of steady progress. It
did not only start and end with OSPAC, as Barr Olisa also sought
spiritual atonement from different men of God wherever they could be
reached. Different prayer groups and churches continued to pray for
the land, and delegates were also sent to TB Joshua's  Synagogue.

The result has been tremendous. Not only have the dreaded and
notorious cultists and kidnappers been given a taste of their own brew
but now live in hiding and their trade, once lucrative and attractive,
now shows why it is a venture to be avoided by all right thinking
people, be they parents, children or wards. Crime has been defeated
and cultism regarded now as a taboo in ONELGA. Most of those who were
into these criminal activities are now regretting their actions and
have turned a new leaf.

As a result of the feat achieved by Olisa and his team,  ONELGANS in
their large numbers have been appealing to Governor Wike to extend his
appointment in order for him to consolidate the peace his
administration has achieved so far. And as a listening governor,  the
state chief executive, the Sun Governor of the Year and Silver Bird
Man of the Year, has continued to listen.

Reward wise, for delivering on his promise to rid ONELGA of crime,
different groups and corporate organizations have honoured Barr Olisa
with different awards. He has variously been described as the Moses
and Joshua of ONELGA, and together with Dr Ahiakwo have boldly written their
names in gold. They have made their marks and history will not
forget these men of valour who came to liberate ONELGA from the hands
of terrorists.

In Omoku, the headquarters of the council and other areas,  business
activities have once again picked up,  many of the inhabitants who
fled their ancestral homes have returned to rebuild their homes,  even
banks that shot down operations have indicated interest to return to
return to business. And for more than 30 awards received, the ONELGA council boss has
dedicated it all to God who made it possible for vision to pay off, as
well as Governor Wike, the man who brought him to serve his people

ONELGA is once again peaceful. ONELGA yearns for permanent peace, and
all true sons and daughters of the area must come together to make
this a reality. 

ONELGANS are convinced that if given the chance to
contest the forthcoming LG elections for the chairmanship of the area,
Olisa has what it takes to lay ONELGA torment to rest in the next two
to three years time. This is the prayer of the people who do not want
the enemies of the people to return through the back door to truncate
the existing peace being enjoyed in the land. OSPAC needs everybody’s

Written by Obed Douglas 
 Obed Douglas 

Note: the above write up doesn't  represent the view in the mentioned issue.