1430AD When Aklaka was born in Bini (Benin) Kingdom. 
Other ancestors of different tribes existed before and after his exit & sojourn which took him transversing through  the lands of the Current Obosi, Onitsha, Agbor, Ndukwa and finally he settled at Ahia-Ahwor (presently Between Erema/Akabuka farming community areas). Ekpohia (Valuable Hunting Bag) corrupted to Ekpeye & Ogbah (Unity) his legitimate sons were in peace before his demise. 

Aklaka died as a warrior, hunter & as a great farmer, full of expeditions. No wonder his peaceful  and enterprising quality is eminent in the lives of Ogba & Ekpeye his children. As part of expansion, Ogba sojourned northward & his brother Ekpeye sojourned southward.

 Ogbah & Ekpohia his brother took after their father, the Great Aklaka great. They were successful in farming, Hunting & Arts. They were also polygamous. Ogba discovered his first settlement, and called it "Obinigwe" a heavenly abode, which was later corrupted to "Obigwe" by the English man and the warrant chief due to difficulty in Ogba Vowels pronunciation.

  The word Obigwe means nothing but Obinigwe means "heavenly abode" to our ancestor. Peace, Love, Unity,  Growth abound in Ogbaland. Communities like Ayama, Eku, Erema, Amah etc was discovered. Farming and fishing settlements like Imo'oknu (Omoku), Ali'ugwu (Aligu), Ohia'Ugah (Ohiauga), Egi'nta (Egita), Obiki'ite (Obite), Ogbor'Ugwu (Ogbogu), Ogbor'idi (Ogbidi) etc was discovered as plantation for farming & hunting expedition. As time progressed, warrant chiefs corrupted the names of the settlements for easy administrative works. 

Note that most of the present communities of Ogbaland are not names of the Children of Ogba. Ogba's children were few not as Much as the communities now but most farm settlement which were named by Ogba and his early children has automatically turned villages for administrative purposes in the mid 18th century It is quite unfortunate that, original names of Ogba Children like Imegih, Agburun, etc are no longer communities. Earlier educationists preferred to enlist the names of the Settlement like Imo'oknu, (OMOKU), Obi'ite, Ali'igwu, Ogbor''idi, etc as VILLAGES. So towns like Omoku is an instrument of Migration & Settlement & new settlement descendants of Ogba & Refugees. 

The first Children of Ogba sojourned to OMOKU for fishing spree and decided not to return to Obinigwe, Amah and Ahia-Uzor communities which they original took-off from. Umu'ngah, Agburun, Okpraraeme, Umuezeali ancestors were among the earliest arrival at Imu'oknu for the fishing spree. And presently Omoku has expanded to 19 communities & 12 Kindreds with 44 Onumrah (Lineages). 

Omoku will be great again.