The Gist Behind Lauren’s Death ( A Girl killed and stuffed in mattress by her boyfriend in Port Harcourt )

Lauren, a student of the Rivers State University has been allegedly murdered by her boyfriend and stuffed in his mattress.
Reports claim that Lauren was killed after an altercation with her boyfriend, who was a naval officer.
This sad event allegedly took place at the Naval barracks Borikiri, Port Harcourt.

It was said that Lauren, who had been dating her military boyfriend for a period not less than 3 years, refused a resolution the relationship which, the boyfriend said "couldn't end up in marriage since he was Muslim and she, a Christian".
Lauren in turn, asked for a payoff for time wasted, amounting to the sum of 3 million naira. This was rejected by her boyfriend, who opted to pay her 500,000 naira.
The boyfriend stormed out of the house, hoping that Lauren wouldn't be at home when he got back, but returned to see her.
It was alleged that after some arguments, Lauren may have stabbed her boyfriend, who retaliated by giving her a blow to the head, before slitting her throat.

Neighbours claimed not to have heard a struggle probably because Lauren may have been incapacitated at the time.

The naval boyfriend then stuffed her body in his mattress and fled the country. Lauren's body was found after a few days as a result of the stench that emanated from his quarters.

See screenshots below

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