Nigerians, let's move forward by bringing down religious boundaries-Facebook User

A Facebook user has advised Nigerians to keep Religion aside when dealing with the country’s successes or failures.
He said;

“As Nigerians open their mouths today, Musa remains the word widely pronounced.

Ahmed Musa, a Nigerian Muslim footballer lifted his name and that of his country high by scoring two goals against highly spirited Icelandic national team keeping afloat his country's chances of making it to the knockout stage of the ongoing FIFA world cup in Russia. As always, the social media is agog with positive reactions, some even calling him to run for president. Fortunately, Musa's religion " Islam" has been left out of the conversation. Those bigoted Nigerians did not realize that Musa is a Muslim.

If the otherwise was the case, all ya' muafukaz would have been running ya' mouth and calling Musa a northerner and all manner of names.”