There has been an existing relationship between Nigerian Medical Association, Rivers state and the Federal Road Safety Corps of the State. This relationship is evident by the frequent football matches between both bodies. However, this bond was made electrovalent with the recent visit of the chairman and other members of State Officer Committee(SOC) of the Nigerian Medical Association, Rivers State.
This new bond would yield tasty results like:

• Easy driver licensing for Doctors:
Any doctor in Rivers State that wishes to renew or apply for a new driver’s license just have to:
1. Come to the secretariat.
2. Drop recommended information including preferred station for pick up.
3. Go to the requested station for pick up.

• Doctors can become Special Marshals for FRSC. Interested doctors should submit their names to their affiliate executives. FRSC special marshals enjoy special privileges like FRSC officers.

• Ambulance carrying doctors and victims or victims alone would receive special preference.

• The existing relationship would always be reestablished.

Attached to this post is a picture of the FRSC web portal application short codes, please do well to view to help for necessary verification as it concerns your car and driving license.

Thanks for the read.

Pictures follow below

Dr. Precious Anuonyeh
Public Relations Officer
Nigerian Medical Association
Rivers State.