You need to read this wedding dress "wahala" story by Sira-Tee Ngbor


Bride wore a beautiful mesh net gown, decent by all standards, on getting to Church, "Mother-in-Isreal" even though the church is located in the heart of PHC, wouldn't let her go in, says her collar bone is showing through the net.

A little chaos springs. 10:47am, the bride is now in tears, makeup in shambles, Mother-in-Isreal insists her neck and arms must be covered as its a shoulder cuff dress.

I got the call and rushed down there with satin pieces to create the attachments.

The elders had gathered at the door  at this time, pleading to let the Bride in as she is, seeing how the young lady was distraught but Mother-in-Isreal alongside the women's leader stand their ground.

" We told her, didn't we. She cannot come and change our rules "

Everyone I tried to speak to said
 "But they told her na"

I stood back in awe . Is this what Christianity has been reduced to?
You gave her rules, she didn't comply and you toss her so? On a day as auspicious as her wedding day? A supposed to be Once in a lifetime thing?

Here's my grouse: To turn your face away at an erring plea is far from Christianity. Christ didn't teach it so.

 These church leaders of today would have stoned Jesus for dining with tax payers, holding conversations with prostitutes, bantering with Pharisees .. These ones would have condemned and sent him to hell.

This is where I should even boldly say that the proper teaching of marriage is to visit the father of the maiden whom your heart delights in and pay her dowry.

The church should be honored to seal their stamp in your union. You invite them into your celebration as a guest and not rule giver.

I understand Removing worldliness from the church but in a matter as this, you aren't dealing with the world, you are dealing with a member, your member, a part of the family not a stranger.

Now to the sweetest part of the story ... The newlyweds were supposed to have a Thanksgiving service today (which is a norm thing), I just heard Husband and Wife have located another Bible Believing Church to worship.... The thing sweet me.

I also heard the mother of the groom is rolling on the floor screaming " Jezebel you have failed "

Lmao ... Mama you go dey alright las las.

To my Client, I am happy you found a man who isn't scared to protect your happiness. God bless you both.