Man recounts how Jesus rescued him fron Kidnappers in Port Harcourt

A young man identified as Kingsley Nzom, has taken to his Facebook page to narrate how he escaped from a bunch of kidnappers on his way to Port Harcourt. According to Nzom, their bus was stopped by the heavily armed men who let the driver go and took the passengers.
In the story, Nzom revealed that they were blindfolded and taken into the bush where they spent the four days. However, after they were threatened to pay ransom or be killed, Nzom finally found a way to escape with others and has Jesus to thank for his life. He wrote: "Jesus saved me from Kidnappers.On Saturday, 15th Dec 2018, I left Lagos to Portharcourt. I traveled with Okeyson transport company. The driver was as fast as a lazy pregnant snail.We were ambushed at Elele in Rivers state. About 10-15 young men, with auto rifles, shotguns, matchets, etc. They let the driver go, took the rest of us into the bush blindfolded. Every night they move us to a different "barrack". We're always been moved; blindfolded, hands tied, legs tied.
The first night wasn't really a hassle for me as they shared my properties; wears, phones, cash, collected our ATM pins for the money in the accounts.We were always blindfolded except at nights.The next day, they advised us to quickly raise money and pay them if not, they were going to sell off our private parts and skulls to ritualists. They contacted this Alhaji (I don't know if it was to scare us, but I heard the man, he had the Fulani accent) but he said he can't come there on a Sunday. 

We were made to contact our families on Monday so they can pay our ransoms; N1million. According to them, the Alhaji will come that Monday night, so they gave us till 4pm that Monday to pay, or be sold off in pieces to Alhaji. I contacted my younger brother, asked him to call Dickson and sha give him the update, he laughed on hearing the amount, his hysterical laugh irked them so deeply they took off the steam by landing more blows on me. Where man pikin keep 2milly?

I perceived the smell of dope, I begged to take a hit, whoever it was obliged, from there we started talking, we'd gist briefly, hit blunt together, he'll even give me water. At other times, I dey collect beating. That Monday night, they were already having issues among themselves. They complained that their Oga didn't bring the Alhaji, neither is he in the bush with them, that they left them in the bush while the rest have gone to town to flex. I silently prayed. Tuesday morning, 18th December 2018, the band on my wrist was loose, I called on one of them to come tighten it because if they notice by themselves, na beating go follow as they assume that you trying to escape, but he said he'll be back. That meant he's going somewhere. After a while, we couldn't hear their chatter, it happened that the ones manning us took a stroll.How three people watching us decided to leave us without anyone watching was something only God could do. At first, I thought it was a trap. It wasn't difficult untying myself as mine was loose already. I untied the rest of us, Na so we cut out oo. We spent about 25-30mins in the bush trying to find our way out, following the direction from where the sound of speeding vehicles came, till we got to the express road."