Rev. Famous Chris Chinatu Uzoma of Foundation Faith Ministries, Port Harcourt has joined the global list of inventors of indoor board games. 
The pastor whose invention, 'Famous Family Game' has been drawing global applause from the wide spectrum of game freaks, said the game was developed to relieve family members of boredom while enlivening relational mutuality.

“In course of my work as a pastor cress-crossing almost all the local government areas in the state, I discovered that Christians have a challenge living a monolithic kind of life.  There is nothing that is packaged for Christians for pastime and recreation
“So, God gave me the inspiration to make an indoor board game that would be enjoyed by families and that was how I started working on it in 1996 and that effort led to what today, I call Famous Family Game.
“When we were in the world, we played a lot of games which I can't mention all their names here.  I played all kinds of indoor games as a non-believer of Christ but when I gave my life to Jesus, I found out that these games weren't giving me pleasure any more.  I discovered that there was no indoor board game targeted for the church”, he explained.
The pastor said the game is not limited to the family in the literal sense, adding, “The concept of family is not just brother and sister but everyone that comes around you”.
Rev. Uzoma, who began his ministry in 1997, said the game is played by both adults and children.  According to the inventor, Famous Family Game is already making waves in churches and recreational centers in Port Harcourt where he had gone on exhibition as the players confess to reveling every moment spent playing the game.
“Unlike Monopoly, Famous Game is uniquely interesting as it does not cause chaos. In fact there are no losers in a sense because the interaction with the word of God makes you feel great!', he said.
The cleric said the game is about procurement of assets, whereby the player who buys more assets becomes potential winner as his opponents would have to buy the assets in his possession.
“When you play the game, you learn how to plan, prioritize and take decisions.  You learn financial intelligence and how to manage monies”, he said

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