LINJOE boutique calls thugs on customers after selling fake items to them

On Thursday night, the excitement of some happy shoppers were cut short after they visited the popular Linjo boutique in Orazi.

The ladies bought some clothes and a pair of glasses at a very costly price even when they knew it wasn't up to standard because they needed it urgently.
They  then requested for the casing of the overpriced eye glasses they had paid for and the sales girl said they don't give casing.

Then the ladies then  requested to be given back their money; but instead of getting their money she called thugs on them who took everything  they bought from them and chased them out.

The ladies left that night without the  items they paid for but later returned the next day to peacefully collect what they paid for but The Linjo Boutique boss still called her thugs on them, then  the Police too to put them in a cell, saying she would show them that they are church rats.

These ladies were put in a police cell for 24 hrs, harassed physically and verbally by the Limbo boss, her thugs and still thrown in a cell.

Reliable sources confirmed that one of the ladies has been bedridden since Thursday night.


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