The University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT) has caught up with the movement against sexual harassment in Nigerian universities, and while it’s good that they’re coming up with ways to put an end to it, their methods are quite, well, questionable.

According to PM News, the Vice Chancellor of the University, Ndowa E. S. Lale, announced a new policy which states that hugging between lecturers and female students have been banned, and erring parties will be “punished severely.” Lale said the university is seeking to stop sexual harassment, to ensure that those the lecturers are presiding over, both students and junior staff members, are protected, especially from sexual predators who wish to victimise them.

Lale added that students who harass lecturers, promising them sexual favours in exchange for undeserved grades, will also be punished. He said that anyone accused under the new policy will be presumed guilty, and will be expected to prove themselves innocent under a fair hearing.

How banning hugs will stop lecturers from sexually harassing students exactly is difficult to see; lecturers don’t need to be friendly with you before they demand sexual favours in exchange for good grades. Still, it’s a good thing that UNIPORT have ending #SexForGrades in their sights.