"What's the essence if she didn't leave with an orgasm" - Sira-Tee Ngbor Speaks of Leaked Babcock Student's Sex Tape

Founder: SURGE NUCLEUS AFRICA, and the Convener The PARTNERship Community Restructuring | Family Economics Sira-Tee Ngbor has dropped her view/thoughts about the recently leaked sex tape of a 300L Babcock University Student and her boyfriend in a facebook post.

Her wordsI am trying to reach the recently expelled Babcock student but she's not speaking to anyone, yet.300L, I should teach her the dangers of swallowing semen, its not healthy, contrary to popular belief. its not what a smart girl would do.A smart girl would also not make a video with someone who'd share it with friends as bragging rights.There's no sure way to know this one, so the rule is no recordings.I'm tempted to say something about the back positioning and postures, she's not doing it right, an orgasm would be harder to achieve ....I mean, what's the essence if she didn't leave with an orgasm. From the footage, that's hard to tell. It did look like it was done more for him than herself .. Another thing a smart girl wouldn't do.Suddenly, we are outraged a 300L student is sexually active or films it. The real crime is with humans sharing the said film. How it gets from one device to the other and then to the internet space.Psst .. I'm just amused.Teach them instead. They already do these things, and preachers kids? don't even get me started ....The very best we can do, is arm them with proper knowledge.I'm really amused, maybe its because I work with high school teens and nothing an exuberant college student does, ruffles me, especially when it concerns their bodies.We've got to unlearn a lot of things that keep us third world.You all can take your home training and develop your LGA until it gets to the FCT.

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