Just In: Man Kills his Late Sister’s Daughter while she was trying to stop him from beating his mother (her grandmother)

Reports reaching Portharcourtblog is that an ex convict Mr Ambrose Owiriwa who just  came out of prison and is already known for always beating up  his old mother has ended up killing his niece while carrying out the same mischief.
It was reported that while Ambrose was beating up his mother, his three nieces intervened and tried to stop him but got several knife cuts from him.

Lady A’s Ear was cut up, Lady B got a cut on her leg while Lady C got a major cut on her face.

They were all rushed to the hospital. It was later discovered that apart from the major cut on Lady C’s face, she also had internal bleeding which after a while led to loss of memory and she subsequent death.

Mr Ambrose Owiriwa is currently under the custody of the Nigerian Police Force and he stated that he didn’t know the situation will get out of hand and result to death.