“This Small Bum Bum Still Bounces When Necessary” - Princess Onums Announces

President of The Skinny but sexy ladies took our time yesterday to talk about her body via Instagram.
The popular supermodel explained how proud she is about her body.She said “This is a campaign shoot but I don’t think the company is on Instagram 🤷🏾‍♀️
😂😂😂😂Excuse me for laughing first😂😂 On this particular day...someone who had met me about twice before this day... said “Ah Onums abeg no vex oh.. you don’t have bumbum oh” normally some people will be offended.. but nah.. not me...body shaming is something I’ve had to put up with all my life.. I’ve always been a skinny tiny baby girl.  See me proudly smiling.. I replied “Yes na.. but you should see my MOM” 
See y’all.. this bumbum made me everything I am today.. This bumbum wears anything... this bumbum is still sexy af.. this bumbum still bounces when necessary 😂😂😂 in my line of career.. once it starts getting big it’s a problem oh.. I mean for me.. I don’t know about other models😂 People keep saying.. don’t worry.. you’ll get fat. Uhhh.. Maybe... maybe not.. but till then.. I present Onums’ Small Butt to you 😘😌😌
PS: Onums talks too much 😬 It’s Instagram we don’t need to know these things 🤕” 

Source: Instagram