I do not blame churches like Deeper Life who insist women folk have to dress a certain way.

So, yesterday was a glorious beginning of 5NOG and I was immersed in God's love, singing with a loud voice when this lady in a white top and black pants walked right through the back pew to the front row. 
This lady had curves .. curves from Lebanon to  Jerusalem. I felt the eyes of many men drift and lose themselves in the Lord's creation. I was like Damn. I am as straight as a needle but even I, felt things move...

For a minute i just lifted up my hands and thanked the God of all creation for his wonderous work which is so so so marvellous in our sight. I mean, the proportion of the back, to the front, to the slope of the waist, to the taut jiggling of her gluteus... Lord!

The lady might be oblivious  of her effect on the son and *daughters of men but we need to draw the line on the places we wear skinny pants to. Church? No please. 
We like to see  visions in church but not this vision. 

Every time we stood up for ministration .. I leave you to picture the rest...

It's  Day 2 today and I'll be streaming live from my work studio... i do not like what i hate, distractions that is.  Whatever you wear is between you and whatever you believe in.

Yours in  Consideration,