“Stop all flight coming from Europe and Asia for now!” Hon. Kelechi Nwogu Laments

Rivers State House of Assembly member representing Omuma Constituency  Hon. Kelechi Nwogu has called on the Federal Government to stop all flights coming into the country from Europe and Asia  in order to curb the spread of  Corona Virus. He added that this might be quite inconveniencing but  it  will be worth it in the end .

According to Hon. Kelechi Nwogu
As a matter of national emergency due to coronavirus pandemic, I'm calling on the federal government to ban international flights from Europe and Asia for now. I know such drastic decision might hurt us temporarily in some aspects, but it will go a long way in curbing the spread of this deadly virus. If you think placing ban on flights from these countries would affect our economy, don't forget that we need to be alive to enjoy a booming economy, besides, the virus is already hurting our economy and the naira badly”
This is the kind of resolution that is expected of the national assembly, but sadly, the reverse is the case. While the lower chamber is going on coronavirus recess, the upper chamber is proposing the ban of power generator. This so ludicrous and annoying. Is that the issues now?”

“It is flabbergasting that flights are still coming from China and Italy, we all know that if the virus had started from here, these people would have quarantined any Nigerian citizen found in their airports. The ugly experience of ebola ought  to be still fresh in our memories.”
“Stakeholders of English major football tournaments just postponed further fixtures, same with UEFA, these are necessarily precautionary measures in tackling the ravaging COVID-19 menace. But in Nigeria, we are praying and hoping without any concrete action.”