Facebook User Thanks God For His Life and Recovery After Being Attacked By Gunmen In Eleme

A Facebook Emmanuel Bob Saloka thanked God in recent Facebook post after recovering from a near death attack from gunmen in Eleme.
He wrote this on Facebook 
 On the 10th of October 2019 precisely at 5:30am I was attacked by some unknown gun men on my way out, just opposite the Anglican Church located at nchia market, they attacked me from behind, I was mercilessly dealt with, they made way with my  phone, wallet and other valuables. I was  left lying on the floor hopelessly. 
Some pedestrian thought I was dead as I wasn't moving at all, luckily I was recognized by one passer by who called for help and quickly rushed me to the hospital, when I got to the hospital it was discovered that I had sustain a serious knee patella injury ( secondary to tendon injury ), immediately I was   refered to hope Villa orthopedic hospital eneka for a knee surgery to correct the damage, on the 12th of October the surgery was carried out  three weeks after the surgery I had serious knee complication resulting from the first surgery, a second surgery called skin transplant  ( skin grafting ) was recommended, again i went into the theater for a second surgery. 

After the second surgery things got so bad to the extent that I thought I wasn't going to use my legs again.  this whole incident kept me in the hospital for 3months not until the third surgery was done and gradually the injuries began to heal and I got back to my feet after 4months of lying at a spot. The guys that attacked me had every opportunity to kill me but yahwey Messiah had better plans for me, he saved my life and today I can walk again. 

Today I join the host of heaven to thank God for giving me a second chance to leave

NB..the insecurity in eleme always seems like a joke until you are directly affected.