According to Vicky Thompson 

This is Picture Kodak, a  video Vixen who died yesterday.

Some account say she was electrocuted while charging her phone.
Another said her smartphone she plugged in a socket shocked her while using it and she died.

Let's Correct some impression here, using both Pidgin and British abi American English, shall we?


I want to assume that you have fixed your fault electrical lines in your house? So, I'm going to educate us based on that.

Every human body has a resistance to electricity. 

A mobile charger gives an output of around 5 volts and 2 Amps, which is not sufficient to penetrate the electricity resistance of our body. 

But when touching the tongue or any wounded part of our body to the charger output terminal can cause small electric shock due to the absence of skin protection. 

Our smartphone chargers produces only Direct Current to the batteries used to power your phone. This is because electrons here flow in one direction only. The reverse is the case in AC.

Phone chargers produces no AC but DC current usually 5v using a rectifier.

High voltage section of your charger, the primary section which is about 110V-250V, is nicely isolated from the secondary low voltage stage.

A 220V power supply can cause serious injury to your body while in contact but will not result to death in most of the situations.

Your smartphone can ONLY Explode (due to the battery), but shocking you to an extent that will lead the death is electrically impossible except your village People sold the charger to you.

Your smartphone can only shock and kill you if you carry your heart plug for your NEPA transformer 😳

You hear me?


SOURCE: Vicky Chinonu Thompson (facebook)