Eleme Man Narrowly Escapes Death after Suspected Herdsmen Attack

An indigene of Ogale Community in Eleme Local Government Area, Aji Mbaba is seeking for justice and medical assistance after he was allegedly attacked by armed herdsmen and narrowly escaped death by the whiskers on his way back from farm.
Mbaba who sustained several degrees of life threatening injuries as a result of the incident has appealed to the federal, state and local government authorities as well as traditional rulers to come to his aid .

He said: “On Saturday afternoon (June 6), I went to my farm, I was arranging corn and other crops which I arranged on my bike. I have not gone some meters from my farm when I saw three herdsman who came out from the other farm with sticks in their hands and machetes.The next thing they did was to hit the stick on my chest, two of the men hit my chest and I fell down. "Three of the herdsmen started slaughtering me and I cried for help, but I couldn't. I tried to run but i fell and they caught me and continued cutting my head.I dragged and ran again they continue slaughtering every part of my body and I dont know how God helped me escape from them. I ran down to the road where I saw a bike that helped me to this hospital”. "Today is the first day since last week am able to speak due to the pain in my chest and all over my body, I have not stood up from here since last week, this is where they bath and feed me, I have not seen my bike till now, maybe they took it".