Dear Compatriots,
I am glad to inform you that I have, today Wednesday 24/06/2020, been confirmed to have tested negative to the Covid19 test, confirming that I have Survived and fully recovered from the Pandemic COVID19 and have accordingly been discharged from the Treatment Center. I passed the live life Examination at Last. I thank the wonderful team at the Covid19 Isolation/Treatment Center of the  University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital, ably led by Professor Henry Ugboma. I thank you all, including those of you who later became my Co-patients while trying to save the lives of I and other patients. May God meet you all at your points of need. Amen.
I pray for the peaceful repose of the souls of Dr Edet Essien and my other Co-patients who died
while we struggled to survive this killer scourge. It hurts me that our collective dream of leaving the ward as survivors did not materialise in full. As they say, God knows best. Rest in peace brothers and sisters.

For you dear Compatriots, I thank each and everyone of you for standing in the gap for me
through your ceaseless prayers and thoughts. God saved. me for your sake.God bless you all.
Together, we shall continue with the struggle to make our nation and the world a better place.
I walked through the valley of the shadow of death but knew I did not walk alone.My faithful
God of 55 years strong relationship walked with me. I walked hopefully confident because I could feel his very familiar presence going with me all the way.Thank you my Father and Friend.

Community transmission of Covid19 has changed the entire structure of this war.We are now the frontline Soldiers of this war, the Doctors are now the lastline of defense for humanity.

We must fight this fight to win, because our lives depend upon it. The battle weapons are
uncompromising adherence to the safety protocols for Covid19 and vigilance to seek help promptly once we notice any symptoms.
Let's win this war, we can all win it, God with us.

Thank you and please stay safe.

Ritchard Aduche Wokocha
Associate Professor of Public Law
Rivers State Uni.