Two Men Ordered to Pay 100,000 Naira in Damages for Having Carnal knowledge of a Minor in Diobu

Two men aged 23 and 25 years respectively have been thrown into dilemma after they were allegedly asked to pay 100,000 Naira as service charge for sleeping with a 14 year old in Port Harcourt.
The men said they did not know it was a crime as the minor consented to the act and also received payment from them.

They told a human Rights Advocate that their mutual friend, another 23-year-old  harbored the girl who was reportedly chased out of the house by her relatives.

According to the East West Reporters, the 25 year old told the Police that his friend had slept with the girl before him him all night with her consent and gave her N500 before.

He said he was schocked when operatives from one of the Police Divisions in Diobu came and arrested him Monday evening, even when the 14 year old girl made it clear to the Police she consented to their deal.

City News gathered he was granted bail from Police custody on agreement that he would pay 100,000 Naira  to the girl’s aunts who had initially and  allegedly driven her out of the house as service charge or be arraigned in court if he defaults.

According to East West Reporters, a civil rights advocate, Prince Wiro who sought to intervene in the matter said, "I asked them if there friend knew that the girl was not up to 18Years and they said yes. 

"I again asked them as young boys in December, how much is the minimum of ‘day break’ in brothel, they said 2,500 naira.

”I told them that the girl is not up to 18 and in law cannot be said to have consented to the deal because at that age it is assumed that she cannot take decision on her own. The boys shouted!”

Wiro reportedly said the boys were remorseful as they claimed they had no knowledge that sleeping with a  girl under 18 years who consented to sex is an offence.

Credit: City News