Properties worth millions destroyed in Saturday's Elele Fire outbreak

... Victims and Residents Blast State Fire Service for not responding to emergency calls

Some landlords and business operators at Omuogwa, Mgbuenyim in Elele along Port Harcourt are now counting their loses after a Saturday afternoon fire outbreak razed some buildings, cars, lockup shops with goods inside.
They are now blaming the failure of the state fire service to combat the inferno and the inability of the state and local government authorities to site and equip a fire service department across the 23 LGAs for their loses.

The fire which was initially affecting just one building, according to a source, started to spread to other buildings around it as the self help remedies by residents and sympathizers to put it out grossly failed and the state fire service failed to show up after over three hours the inferno raged.

"Rivers State is too big to have just one fire service located at the heart of the city of Port Harcourt. Each LGA should have a fire service to attend to outbreaks and emergencies," lamented Reginald, a sympathizer.

A shop owner who lost her goods said she is disappointed with the state fire service. She said several attempts were made to get their attention but all failed.

"I feel terrible. The fire lasted over 2hours yet no fire service could come upon all the information people posted online and calls. What is really happening in this country?" She asked.

A native of the area who spoke to City News in confidence said that it is a shame that a council area like Ikwerre will a big council headquarters does not have a fire department.

He said: "What a shame that a big LGA with big council building has no fire service station. It is high time the chairman creates a fire service department instead of depending on the one in Port Harcourt".

A source alleged the outbreak was caused by bunkering activities.