Rivers People have entered One Chance - Ogbonna Nwuke

Factional spokesman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Rivers State, Hon. Ogbonna Nwuke says only people who are living, who have food on their table and who have a future can be beneficiaries of an urban renewal scheme.
Nwuke who claimed that there are no jobs for Rivers people and that youths who have since graduated are unemployed alleged that the state government that ought to be thinking of their welfare is not doing so, hence they are being robbed of their future.

He spoke while responding to questions from Garden City News on sundry matters bordering on the APC and governance of the state.

"Other states are diversifying into agriculture and encouraging SMEs to establish businesses of their own. In Akwa Ibom you have State inspired cottage industry that produces pencils and stuff like that. That State has set up Ibom Air with the Bombardier aircraft that Wike flies around the place.

"Lagos does not produce rice, but it has lake rice which is selling like hot cake. All Lagos does is to buy rice from the North, mill it and bag it. They earn revenue and create jobs for Lagosians.

"What do we have in Rivers State? All we do is throwing money around bribing judges, policemen, INEC staff and desperate politicians in order to undermine democratic institutions. Wike inherited fish ponds, where are they? He inherited banana farms. SONGHAI farm, where are they? He inherited the RSSDA which created jobs and other services. What has happened to it?

"Every investment that was left for Wike has been killed. Instead the governor goes borrowing, goes to Bauchi to propose support for another government when our people are hungry", he said.

Nwuke, who is also Former Federal Lawmaker said the ongoing construction of flyovers on Aba Road would have served the state better if they were built elsewhere, connecting the people in the hinterland to the state capital.

He said, "Those overheard bridges could be built elsewhere, connecting the people in the hinterland to the State capital. A bridge linking Borokiri to Okrika for instance would add more value. So would a bridge connecting Rumuolumeni to Ogbakiri or somewhere in the Kalabari areas.

"Our people want to get home. They have no roads. Somebody who is from the old Port Harcourt Local Government Area is busy developing present day Port Harcourt and Obio/Akpor.

"Rivers State has 23 LGAs and only two are receiving attention. Some persons who share the showcase mentality of the Governor would liken what is happening in Abuja to Port Harcourt. The difference is that States have absolute responsibility for developing their areas after they have collected their share.

"In the past we talked about even and equitable distribution of amenities. Unfortunately, we have a government with the behavior of a child that is rascally. Can you imagine someone who claims to be serving you telling you ntoorrrr?

"As Rivers people, we have entered one chance, yes one chance and it is not easy now that we have found ourselves in the clutches of a political vampire to break free".