Avoid Long Conversations With Parents -BADAIRO, AbdulAzeez O.

I know family comes first but as a start up entrepreneur you must avoid long conversations with parents especially if your parents are negative about what you are doing. 
They will ask you questions like where's the money?  Since you've been working on the business, how's the progress?  When are you buying a car? 

Then, they will start comparing you to your peers who are engineers, teachers or just working. They will start talking about your peers success and never ever say anything positive about your business or your progress. 

Yet at that time, you are working like a slave to make things work out for your business. When your business starts making money they will start believing in you. But when it collapses again they will come to you with that "I told you mentality and forget everything you've done for them" 

So my advice is keep the distance. Yes love em support them. But find a way of avoiding long conversations with them when you are still struggling unless they fully support your dreams. 

Negative energy especially from loved ones can destroy your momentum completely.

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