MBA forex founder reportedly moves family out of Port Harcourt

As pressure continues to mount on MBA forex trading trading and capital investment limited to pay thousands of investors their due Return On Investment for November and December, sources say the founder of the scheme, Maxwell Weli Odum has moved his family out of Port Harcourt.

Theportcitynews had on Tuesday reported that the scheme has crashed due to the company’s inability to meet up with its financial responsibilities to its thousands of investors.

The investors who are owed two months ROI have besieged the company’s offices in different towns to demand for their money back.

The company has since employed a delay tactics, claiming to have migrated to a new platform which caused its inability to pay. Other times, it claimed its funds were seized by banks. The claims have created panic, with investors longing for their money, especially as Christmas holidays approach.

But sources told theportcitynews that the scheme has crashed while the founder has moved his family out of Port Harcourt due to fears that angry investors would attack them.

It was also learnt that the Owerri office of company has be shut down while staffers have gone into hiding over fears of attack. Another office in Abuja was besieged by investors who reportedly seized a vehicle belonging to the company.

While responding to reports by theportcitynews that the scheme has crashed leaving investors in the cold about the fate of their money, the company said it was passing through a phase, and denied crashing.

According to the statement by the company “MBA may be passing through a phase but MBA CANNOT CRASH because it is NOT a Ponzi scheme.

” Kindly ignore all sponsored rumors and focus on what is essential.

“All ROI’s will be paid as earlier stated and the New MBA we all wish for will definitely come to full manifestation.

” Once again, we sincerely apologies for all inconveniences we caused all our esteemed investors as we kindly plead that you bear with us as we work tirelessly to resolve all issues”.

Credit: The Port City News