Tension as Repentant Cultist now OSPAC Member Allegedly Kills Rival Cult Leader in Emohua

There are palpable fears of an escalation of cult related violence in parts of Emohua Local Government Area following the reported killing of a repentant Iceland cult leader, Chica Abita also known as Bishop at Obele by another repentant cult leader said to be a former Deygbam Number one man in Ibaa community, simply identified as Naked.
City News gathered Naked who is now a member of OSPAC serving in Obele community all in Emohua reportedly killed Bishop on Wednesday afternoon.

We gathered the incident has thrown the inhabitants of both Ibaa and Obele in fear of possible reprisal attack.

A source disclosed that the late ‘Bishop’ aside being a former leader of Iceland in Ibaa community was allegedly Pilot (Number three man) to ‘ITALIAN’ head of Iceland in Ikwerre LGA.

Meanwhile sources have informed East West Reporters that there is serious regrouping and arrangements for reprisals and counter reprisals by Deygbam, Iceland cult groups. 

The platform reports that if proactive measures are not taken by security agencies, there may be bloody days ahead in Emohua LGA. It adds that the incident is one of the many reasons the recruitment of repentant cultists into OSPAC should be discouraged.

It alleged that, "When you recruit ‘repentant cultist’ they use the opportunity under cover of OSPAC to target their rivals". 

The deceased and the suspected killer reportedly accepted a peace deal at Ibaa community last year June in the presence of the council Chairman and security chiefs in the LGA.

Credit: City News