2021 Ogoni Day Celebration in Bori suspended in Line with Covid-19 Protocol

...To be celebrated at the Community level


My great people of Ogoni Nation, our cherished Ogoni day celebration comes up on the 4th day of January 2021. As we all know, that is the day we celebrate our freedom from oppression occasioned by internal colonization, political marginalization and economic strangulation.

On this day 4th January 1993, we embacked on a journey to reclaim our destiny (self pride), and a clean environment that was given to us by God Almighty.

However, after due considerations, this year's celebration will take a different dimension. The new global spread of covid-19 and the call by the state and federal government to avoid large gathering has necessitated the directives that the celebration be community-based.

We therefore call on the Ogonis to celebrate this year Ogoni day in their different communities while observing all Covid-19 protocol. The advantage of this is that the celebration will create awareness and reawakening the consciousness of the people at the grassroots that the journey continues until we achieve the dreams of our founding fathers.

Ogonis should celebrate themselves anywhere they are and give God the glory for placing them at this beautiful part of the earth that flows with milk and honey. Ogoni People are unique in God's creation. Whatever challenges we face today are humanly induced. We can overcome them through the love for one another, unity, respect for leadership, and passion for the land of our birth.

We urge the Ogonis to roll out their drums and dance out all our human challenges. Ogoni music and dance steps should be displayed in our churches, town squares and in our houses to celebrate the land of our birth.

Ours is a revolution of ideas. Through our ideas, we have contributed to the knowledge of a better environmental management in Nigeria, recognition of host communities by multinational oil companies, increase awareness of human rights protection in Nigeria.

Brothers and sisters, celebrate yourselves as one of the United Nation's recognized indigenous people of the world.

Celebrate the Almighty God for His benevolence to the Ogoni people!

I wish you a happy celebrations!

Long live Ogoni people!
Long live Ogoni Nation!
Long live Rivers State!
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

Chief Keeper, Deebari Gbaranor.
Chairman, MOSOP National Transition Council.
3rd January, 2021.