KUF Appeals to RSG to Fix Collapsing Ido Bridge in ASALGA to Avert Looming Danger

Members of the Kengema Unity Forum (KUF) have staged a peace walk to draw the attention of relevant authorities to the imminent danger posed by the bad state of the Ido bridge which links Abalama to other communities of Asari Toru local Government Area.

KUF leader, Ambassador Sobomabo Jackrich who spoke while conducting journalists to have on the spot assessment on the state of the bridge, appealed to the federal and state government, as well as state and federal representatives to take urgent steps to fix the bridge to avert the looming danger which he said may occur anytime soon.

When asked about the inclusion of the much anticipated Trans-Kalabari road project captured in the 2021 appropriation law of the state, Sobomabo Jackrich expressed lack of confidence in the execution of the project by the current administration in the state.

He said such project can only see the light of day when a Kalabari son emerges as the next governor of the state, adding the current centre of focus is on fixing the Ido bridge.

Other leaders of the KUF who spoke to newmen expressed fears that if the Ido bridge collapses, the people of the area will be unable to travel home and their economic life will be grounded.

Credit: City News